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Russo telephone push poll

Russo telephone push poll

2/4/2009: For those that wanted to hear one of the recent push polls that are circulating around the phone lines of Hoboken… Russo Push Poll 2009 from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.(thanks again estevens!)

beth mason hoboken board of education endorsements 520x245 - Mason on the Board of Education

Mason on the Board of Education

4/11/2008: The Board of Education campaigning reaches the final stretch, and here’s an endorsement from Councilwoman Beth Mason: Beth Mason Supports Sullivan, Rosenberg, Snyder “Education is one of the long-lasting gifts we can provide...

kf2008snydersm 520x245 - BoE Candidate Tricia Snyder

BoE Candidate Tricia Snyder

3/31/2008: Here’s a message from Board of Education Candidate Tricia Snyder: Dear Hoboken411.com, The next years school budget has really increased the passion and interest in our upcoming School Board elections. I would like...

hoboken nj primary presidential election 2008 520x245 - Important Primary Election Information

Important Primary Election Information

11/29/2007: Hoboken411 reader Brian_G thought it would be useful for all of you to be aware of the change in voting rules in New Jersey. While it doesn’t affect Independents, it can have significant...