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Voting by mail in Hoboken New Jersey 520x245 - Voting by Mail (VBM) - Explained

Voting by Mail (VBM) – Explained

The ability to vote by mail benefits all NJ residents One of the greatest changes to come out of our state government (which is far and few between) – was the modification of the...

Hoboken Week in Review March 20 2011 Oscar Cameo1 520x245 - Hoboken Week in Review: 3/20/2011

Hoboken Week in Review: 3/20/2011

3/20/2011: Spring is here, Hoboken! As of 7:21pm tonight – we will officially have “broken up” with this treacherous winter and the blizzards that we’ve had. I’ll drink to that! Some of the most...

Moving Municipal elections to november in New Jersey NJ Hoboken 520x245 - Moving ALL elections to November?

Moving ALL elections to November?

12/31/2009: This would make complete sense in cash-strapped Hoboken, NJ – but I have a doubtful feeling about the whole situation… NJ Senate debates election dates… Not sure if you’ve been paying attention to...

robert lisa hoboken nj 520x245 - estevens reports: Voter Fraud?

estevens reports: Voter Fraud?

6/5/2009: Hoboken411 contributor (and “expert public records researcher”) estevens sent this report to me this morning. Here, he profiles the voting history one particular city employee Robert Lisa, who is the current acting Police...

hoboken election no loitering or electioneering at elks club 520x245 - Hobokenpix: Election reminders!

Hobokenpix: Election reminders!

4/28/2009: [Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…] Hoboken Photo of the Day – 4/28/2009 Today’s photo is a sign that is posted on the door at the Elks Club on 10th...

dawn zimmer announces run from mayor in hoboken nj january 29 2009 520x245 - Zimmer announces Council Ticket

Zimmer announces Council Ticket

3/12/2009: Today, 4th Ward Councilwoman and Mayoral candidate Dawn Zimmer announced her all-newcomer council ticket: Zimmer announces council slate “Hoboken Mayoral Candidate Dawn Zimmer today unveiled her slate of at-large Council Candidates. Carol Marsh,...

Russo telephone push poll

Russo telephone push poll

2/4/2009: For those that wanted to hear one of the recent push polls that are circulating around the phone lines of Hoboken… Russo Push Poll 2009 from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.(thanks again estevens!)