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superficiality sucks

Superficiality SUCKS {for real}

Superficiality sucks in all ways More and more, I’ve been witnessing the polarization of “looks” over functionality and practicality. People are more concerned with how they look, what they have and what others think...

fear controls the populous 520x245 - In the name of what? Fear?

In the name of what? Fear?

This leads to that – in the name of… what exactly? {Fear} Especially since the advent of technology, even as far back as the printing press – the way we “receive” information is far...

trump bumper stickers NJ

Political Signs

What political signs are you seeing? While we’re ramping up towards the 2016 Presidential election, 2015 is technically considered an “off-year” when it comes to national politics. But it’s a “big-year” for local Hoboken...