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malibu diner sign for sale ebay hoboken nj 520x245 - Malibu Diner sign may still be available!

Malibu Diner sign may still be available!

3/29/2010 Update: Malibu Sign deal sorta fell through… The owner of the old Malibu Diner sign emailed 411 this past weekend, indicating that the “winning bidder” of the sign hasn’t picked it up yet...

sinatra commemorative stamp 520x245 - "Fledgling" eBay'er sells Sinatra Stamps

“Fledgling” eBay’er sells Sinatra Stamps

4/27/2009: Capitalizing on Sinatra & Hoboken & U.S. Mail Phew… I don’t know exactly what to tell you about this email I received from “Cygent Trader” – who proclaims himself as a “fledgling Ebay...

Urban Auctioneer 520x245 - My Urban Auctioneer

My Urban Auctioneer

Empty. A reader mentioned that they owed her 6 bucks. Wonder if they owe other people money as well? Their website is still up, and they have a few live auctions on eBay. No...