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Hurricane Irene Predictions Hoboken New Jersey NYC 520x245 - Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

Surge, flooding & wind concerns now Hoboken having issue with phone lines – call 911 in case of emergency. PSE&G warns that many will lose power in Hoboken (over 8,000 customers) soon. Winds for...

danny may affect east coast 520x245 - Danny: Tropical threat for east coast?

Danny: Tropical threat for east coast?

8/26/2009: While still days away – weather forecasters are talking about a potential threat for the east coast. Will we get lucky again like we were with Hurricane Bill? Could become Danny and affect...

hurricane bill august 21 2009 track 520x245 - Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill

8/21/2009: A Hurricane off the coast doesn’t happen too often these days! Bill likely won’t hit U.S. Coast Forecasters are fairly certain that the East Coast of the states will most likely not suffer...