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hoboken used car warranty 520x245 - Used Car Warranties

Used Car Warranties

6/9/2008: I already know that Hoboken isn’t really the best place for a car, but many of us need or want them for one reason or another. There are always tons of new cars...

Horrendous Hoboken Intersections

Horrendous Hoboken Intersections

3/24/2008: Today’s “traffic” entry comes from a Hoboken411 reader who witnessed this debacle at Willow and 1st last weekend: “Minivan Driver cut off Cyclist. Yelling match develops with Cyclist running around minivan trying to...

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Banned text messaging

11/2/2007: This law kind of makes sense, as it’s pretty distracting to type a txt message while driving. They should also ban text messaging while walking in Hoboken. I saw a guy yesterday trip...