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Robbing for what in Hoboken

Robbing for what?

Robbing you for what exactly? Oh, I get it… Money! Continuing the “HPU Hypocrisy of the Day” category…. Doesn’t matter if it’s a city vehicle “violating” their own “safety” rules. Not one bit. This...

Car drives on sidewalk in Hoboken NJ at Church Towers

Vehicular Mysteries in Hoboken

Anatomy of a Hoboken street cleaning racket Here’s a little video “insight” as to exactly how some Hoboken residents juke the system each and every week. As you may have seen – there was...

Hoboken girl on cell phone

Is the Cell Phone Ban Working?

Or has the cell phone ban increased distraction? Though it’s hard to even remember the time when things were different – today marks the 5th anniversary of it being illegal to operate a motor...