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Tony Soares nominated to North Hudson Sewerage Authority Board in Hoboken NJ

Lenz / Russo alliance appoints Soares

7/16/2010: Soares on TWO public boards; gets premium Health Benefits Political “sore” Tony Soares was appointed to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority Board by five members of the Hoboken City Council, but not the...

alicea headshot

Public Safety Director Under Fire

5/27/2010: Alicea faces allegations of Pension Fraud and Official Misconduct Angel Alicea is the last man standing. He’s the only director chosen by former Mayor Peter Cammarano who Dawn Zimmer decided to keep on...

Hoboken411 week in review Pit Bull Attack Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Week in Review 2/7/2010

2/7/2010: What a week last week! From nutty town hall politics, dog attacks, and the loss of a well-respected community member, Hoboken certainly can be included as a “city that never sleeps.” What made...