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Shipyard Dog Park now has water thanks to the yankee ferry 520x245 - Shipyard Dog Park Upgrade!

Shipyard Dog Park Upgrade!

6/16/2010: Dogs no longer dehydrated thanks to Yankee Ferry! For many dog owners in Hoboken – the Shipyard dog run wasn’t a place you’d take your dogs in the summertime because there is no...

hoboken 2006 budget ongoing expenses allocated 520x245 - 2010 Dog Park Maintenance

2010 Dog Park Maintenance

3/19/2010 Update: Hoboken Dog parks get face lift As you can read in this thread – Hoboken411 naturally started advocating for the upkeep of the city’s dog runs right around the time I hired...

man gets bitten by boxer at elysian park hoboken nj 520x245 - Dog park bite - what to do?

Dog park bite – what to do?

8/6/2009 Update: Arm doesn’t need amputation Bumped into the victim yesterday – and took a picture of his wounded arm. He said it’s feeling a bit better, but it’s still “puffy and sore.” It’d...