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new york in the 1970s

We’re going in reverse!

1/27/2009: A Hoboken411 reader tipped me off about this article from Reuters, saying the entire country is nervous about their economies mimicking the “Great Depression” of the 1930’s. While folks over in New York...

holiday sales are very weak

What’s next for our Economy?

12/26/2008: Based on my own observations – as well as recollections from many people I’ve spoken with this holiday season – I have a feeling there will be MANY stores closing up in 2009...

hoboken real estate signs march 2008

The economy and real estate

3/3/2008: Monday morning Hoboken rants. Real estate signs wake up Who was out and about in Hoboken yesterday? It seems as if the real estate signs came out of hibernation big time, and were...