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dead man floating hoboken nj hudson river floater sinatra park 520x245 - Breaking: Floater in the Hudson!

Breaking: Floater in the Hudson!

10/16/2009: Hope it wasn’t because of the collapsing piers! Reported moments ago on the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel – “A floater in the Hudson. A white male, white vest. NYPD Harbor...

arturo gatti dead at 37 520x245 - Arturo Gatti - Dead at 37

Arturo Gatti – Dead at 37

7/12/2009: Former Champ found dead in Brazilian hotel room Former Junior Welterweight Boxing Champion Arturo Gatti died yesterday in Brazil hotel room. He was 37 years old. He was known to have called Hoboken...

would tomoji survive in hoboken 520x245 - He wouldn't make it in Hoboken!

He wouldn’t make it in Hoboken!

Tomoji Tanabe, World’s Oldest Man, dies on 6/19/2009 Just nine months into his 113th year, the world’s oldest man, Tomoji Tanabe passed away. Would Tomoji Tanabe survive in Hoboken NJ? 9/18/2008: Had to put...

george carlin rip 520x245 - George Carlin: R.I.P.

George Carlin: R.I.P.

6/23/2008: Just wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to one of my favorite “tell it like it is” comedians, George Carlin, who passed away this weekend.