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Zimmer hands out pay raises to friends while firing Hoboken police officers

Outrage grows over Zimmer raises

8/4/2010: Zimmer gives staff raises, but wants Cops fired How would you like a 31% annual raise? Does a 25% salary bump after only three months on the job sound good to you? That’s...

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Zimmer Names More Directors

9/14/2009: P.M. UPDATE: Click here to see the resumes of Forbes, Pellegrini and Sacs – which were posted to the city website a few hours after this entry was published. Pellegrini and Forbes named...

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Zimmer Expands City Payroll

8/14/2009: 411 Note: If you want the version of this story that was spoon-fed from City Hall, look elsewhere. If you want to go deeper with some real insight into business as usual in...