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Will Hurricane Sandy visit the New Jersey Shore 520x245 - Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Millions without power in NJ due to Superstorm Sandy damage Hurricane Sandy sure did a number on our power grid. Many downed power wires around town – and PSE&G is still a ways out...

honest driver in Hoboken NJ leaves not on car he damaged 520x245 - Honest drivers exist in Hoboken

Honest drivers exist in Hoboken

Hoboken has at least ONE honest driver! Leaves note! The other day, I spotted this cute Audi TT parked along Hudson Street. It had a strange note on the windshield that caught my eye...

Glass breakage caused by potholes on Washington Street in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Mess on Washington Street

Mess on Washington Street

Poor road conditions in Hoboken create hazardous situation Like we told you a couple weeks ago – the entire length of Washington Street is a War Zone of potholes and kidney-jarring bumps. It should...