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City Bistro Hoboken NJ customer complaint cold food delivery 520x245 - City Bistro delivery problems?

City Bistro delivery problems?

3/12/2010: A customer service tale of two tapes: He said, she said A Hoboken411 reader had a bit of a problem with the delivery from City Bistro (56 14th St.) that he wanted to...

ice hut hoboken spring 2009 520x245 - Reader Mail: Wassup with Ice Hut?

Reader Mail: Wassup with Ice Hut?

5/6/2009: Received this email from Hoboken411 reader Carli during our recent heat wave – about how not to run a seasonal business! Blown opportunity “With the temperature reaching 90, I headed over to Ice...

angry video game nerd gamestop hoboken 520x245 - Reader Mail: No fun at GameStop

Reader Mail: No fun at GameStop

5/21/2008: Today, you get the pleasure of reading a letter that a regular video game customer sent to GameStop about an annoying experience he had at the Hoboken store this past week. One might...