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I Chu U crepes Hoboken NJ 527 Washington Street

I Chu U {crepes}

I Chu U {more crepes for Hoboken} The other shoe has dropped. “Trends” typically come in threes (or more) here in Hoboken – and a battle ensues for a while to see who “rises...

Crepe Guru Hoboken NJ 315 Washington Street

Crepe Guru

Crepe Guru – Hoboken, NJ – 315 Washington Street Opened late May 2014. See Crepe Guru 60 Second Review Here. And browse Crepe Guru menu here. Ok folks! Another Crepe place is on the...

hoboken crepe grill

Crepe Grill – The Story

Crepe Grill gets the shaft from Hoboken City Hall Below is an unedited letter from the owners of Crepe Grill, and their hellish nightmare of a time dealing with the complete ineptitude rampant City...