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jet bait and switch coupons 520x245 - 25% OFF! {But not really...}

25% OFF! {But not really…}

Bullshit 25% off “discount” LIES You know how they talk about FAKE NEWS – and other manufactured nonsense? All while the “news” that is peddled by the “ministry of disinformation” (i.e., the “mainstream media”)...

BoomCoups doomed coupon site for Hoboken NJ and Jersey City 520x245 - BoomCoups Kaboom? Doomed?

BoomCoups Kaboom? Doomed?

Hoboken BoomCoups stiffing (the few) customers they had? Last year – some “junk mail” fliers found their way into mailboxes all over Hoboken. Advertising a “hot,” new coupon site called BoomCoups just for the...

Do you need the things you buy on Groupon 520x245 - Coupon, Groupon Trends: All the Rage?

Coupon, Groupon Trends: All the Rage?

1/12/2011: Meager discounts have lost appeal; what else? Some enterprising – and psychologically adept – individuals out there have created the latest trend to suck money from unsuspecting customers. Whether it was the sub-prime...

friends and family may 2009 520x245 - Friends & Family Discounts

Friends & Family Discounts

5/7/2009: Penny Pinching & Shopping Hoboken411 reader Gary forwarded these Friends and Family discounts to various stores. Runs from today through Sunday, May 10th. Always great to save a few bucks, right?

marios pizza bailout discount 520x245 - Local Business Bailout Specials!

Local Business Bailout Specials!

2/27/2009: Hoboken businesses get creative You know what I love? When local businesses can actually “admit” that the economy has slowed down (in not so many words). We all know that most businesses in...