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HUMC Sale – Top 10 Details

HUMC Sale – Top 10 Details

Top 10 things Zimmer doesn’t want you to know about the HUMC Sale On April 20, 2011 the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority signed an agreement with HUMC Holdco, LLC. In a move that spits...

Dawn Zimmer on Government Ethics in Hoboken New Jersey NJ

The Chronically Ironic Dawn Zimmer

2/16/2011: Hoboken411 editorial: The situational ethics of City Hall …and what the local press corps should be doing today to expose it. Dawn Zimmer has an ethics problem. Actually, she has several. Many of...

Hoboken sidewalk parking

Something wrong with this picture?

3/31/2010: Hoboken411 reader Ross wants YOU to decide whether he rightfully received his parking summons for “parking on the sidewalk.” Is this Hoboken car parked illegally? “I’ve been a resident of Hoboken for just...