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plastic bag nonsense hoboken NJ ravi bhalla

Plastic Bag NONSENSE!

Plastic Bag NONSENSE! In the latest round of liberal lunacy – Hoboken “mayor” – Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla – is “strongly advocating” for (euphemism for getting paid in some other way), the OUTRIGHT...

how do movies affect you 520x245 - Movies affect people

Movies affect people

Movies affect people {influencial} I had this thought recently – about how movies affect people. Because we’ve essentially “unplugged” from most of the entertainment avenues the average person “enjoys” in their lives, it’s allowed...

progress word abused

Is it always progress?

Is progress always considered positive? Think about it… Sex, procreation – turned into deplorable pornography and so on… Tattoos – used to be used as a form of communication, tribal loyalty… now? What is...