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Lackawanna Tower with condo buildings in the background Hoboken and Jersey City NJ 520x245 - Lackawanna Tower Dwarfed

Lackawanna Tower Dwarfed

Sign of the times: Wanna buy some Real Estate? A different perspective of the Lackawanna Tower downtown by the train station – with the collossal Jersey City condominiums kind of suffocating the tower. I...

hoboken luxurious new condo homes next generation of urban living corporate realty 520x245 - "iPod ready" counts as an amenity?

“iPod ready” counts as an amenity?

7/25/2008: [rant] File this under “anything to sell a Hoboken condo.” Prospective buyers conversation: “Hey honey, I’m stuck between the 2400 sq. ft. well-built condo uptown versus the 900 sq. ft. renovated unit downtown…...



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