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dreams of a swimming pool in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Does Hoboken hate swimming pools?

Does Hoboken hate swimming pools?

7/15/2010: Swimming pools FAIL in Hoboken! Hoboken and swimming pools don’t seem to have a good relationship. From being promised a “community pool” over in the western edge years ago (which failed because politics...

Hoboken411 week in review Fresh Pommes Frites 520x245 - Hoboken Week in Review: 7/11/2010

Hoboken Week in Review: 7/11/2010

7/11/2010: A nice relaxing weekend in Hoboken! Hoboken411 has been taking it easy this weekend, and deservedly so! Here’s your weekly recap for some items from last week. The most noteworthy posts for the...

hoboken fundraiser pool boys and girls club nine 333 washington st 520x245 - Boys & Girls Pool Fundraiser

Boys & Girls Pool Fundraiser

6/28/2009: This Tuesday, June 30th 7-10pm at NINE (333 Washington St.)… Help Open the Pool! “The City of Hoboken’s only outdoor pool, located adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club at 123 Jefferson Street,...