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Hoboken Election videos begin!

Hoboken Election videos begin!

9/16/2009: Hoboken election commercials and videos With the Hoboken Mayoral Election a shade over six weeks away – you can expect many videos to come from the candidates running as we get closer. Kicking...

visit nj org commercial new jersey tourism commercial hoboken 520x245 - VisitNJ.org commercial shoot uptown

VisitNJ.org commercial shoot uptown

8/4/2009: Because some of NJ is beautiful In case you’re wondering what all the film crews are doing near the Uptown Ferry slip – it seems like a commercial shoot for VisitNJ.org. I guess...

mcdonalds sweet tea 520x245 - Catchy Ad: McDonald's Sweet Tea

Catchy Ad: McDonald’s Sweet Tea

3/31/2009: Good tune – not sure about the tea yet Here’s another catchy commercial I’d like to share with you – it’s for McDonald’s Sweet Tea. I dig the “Back in the Day Song”...

Catchy Commercial: Comcast Dream Big

Catchy Commercial: Comcast Dream Big

Comcast: Dream Big Commercial 3/16/2009: I don’t know about you guys – but this commercial for Comcast’s high speed Internet, Phone and Television services is just fun to watch – and very catchy! Can’t...

Friday Fun: Slap Chop

Friday Fun: Slap Chop

1/2/2009: This guy Vince from the ShamWow commercials now has another one – called the Slap Chop (“You’re gonna love my nuts!”) These commercials are just fun to watch (“You getting this camera guy?”)...

hoboken fox 5 commercial good day ny crappy cell phone picture 520x245 - Fox 5 Commercial

Fox 5 Commercial

10/5/2007 Update: Here you can see the end result of the promotional commercial that FOX 5 was filming for Good Day New York last month. Thanks estevens for capturing it! 9/4/2007: They were filming...

cingularadjpg 520x245 - Cingular ad shot in Hoboken

Cingular ad shot in Hoboken

I saw this commercial tonight, and wasn’t paying enough attention enough to notice that it was filmed in Hoboken. If you happen to catch it, see if you can pick up on it. Here’s...

espn commercial 2 520x245 - Commercial for ESPN

Commercial for ESPN

Last week, they were filming in the Independence Parking Garage near 12th and Hudson St. Today, they’re filming inside the Elks Lodge on 10th and Washington.