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Cracked Shipyard Sidewalk Hoboken NJ

How safe is the Hoboken waterfront?

City pays engineers millions to do what anyone can do for free Around three years ago – we documented here on Hoboken411 that the area on Sinatra Drive between 14th & 15th was indeed...

Hudson Tea in danger of collapse

More waterfront collapses?

What’s up with Hudson Tea? More waterfront collapses in store? Hmmm. Looks like the “pathway” around the Hudson Tea Building is starting to sag. Sinking bricks is not a comforting feeling, and I wouldn’t...

Hoboken Collapsing Street and Waterfront

Hoboken Sinkhole vs. Street Collapse

Are they Hoboken sinkholes? Or something else? I caught myself the other day referring to various street and pier collapses in town as Hoboken sinkholes. Has a nice ring, but doesn’t accurately define most...