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brewshot Jersey City NJ Cast Iron Lofts

Brewshot Jersey City

Brewshot set to open 3rd location in Jersey City Here’s an interesting development just outside of Hoboken (and may be helpful for those who commute out of that end of town). Brewshot, a new...

Caffe Bene Hoboken revived 1 520x245 - Caffe Bene {revived}

Caffe Bene {revived}

Caffe Bene open again in Hoboken, NJ Hmm. A few months ago, Caffe Bene downtown was “evicted” via a court order. Today they seem to be back again with “coffee and more,” and are...

Folgers Instant Coffee

Breaking the Starbucks habit

2016 Resolution: Breaking the Starbucks habit in Hoboken We already did this back in 2013, but for those of you looking to – you should consider breaking the Starbucks habit (if you have one)....

Maroon Cafe Coffee Hoboken NJ 2nd Location

Maroon Cafe {update}

Maroon Cafe Expands in Hoboken, NJ Opening up recently on one of the least-traveled roads in Hoboken was Maroon Cafe’s 2nd coffee shop location on Jefferson Street between 11th & 12th. This was formerly...

City of Saints Coffee Roasters Hoboken NJ

City of Saints

What used to be Red Lion Coffee over at 14th & Bloomfield is now City of Saints Coffee Roasters. Call it “Red Lion Reinvented.” See the story behind the change!

uptown hoboken starbucks renovation september 14 through 17 2009 520x245 - Uptown Starbucks renovated (again)

Uptown Starbucks renovated (again)

Starbucks has the dough to keep on renovating! Starbucks is one amazingly profitable corporation! It seems that every five years they perform a costly renovation to almost all their locations! This happened uptown a...