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king of hearts 520x245 - What is this?

What is this?

What appears to be a King of Hearts sign is nailed to a street pole on 2nd and Washington. Why is it there? What does it signify? Who’s is it?

we buy houses cash 11th wash 520x245 - Bubble?


I’ve noticed a few of these signs going up more and more both in Hoboken and surrounding towns. Sign of things to come?

jesse james window broken 520x245 - Jesse James window smashed

Jesse James window smashed

The “coming soon” boutique, Jesse James got their window smashed out last night. Probably some drunken buffoons. Lovely civil people that mill around here, eh?

movie 11th clinton1 520x245 - Movie


A few people asked “what are they filming on 11th and Clinton”? It’s theatrical film called “Perfect Christmas”, starring Queen Latifah and others. Filming primarily in Westfield, NJ, they were shooting some scenes inside...

Big street fight – Madison Bar

Big street fight – Madison Bar

Multiple callers have just reported a street fight at the Madison Bar & Grill on 14th and Washington. I guess the drunken tools got out of control tonight. Probably over a girl, as usual.

Drunk Assault

Drunk Assault

An unknown drunkard caused some trouble around 7th and Bloomfield tonight. At one point he was laying down passed out sleeping, then later snuck up on a resident who was on the sidewalk and...

Police birthday wishes

Police birthday wishes

Despite what everyone says from time to time (myself included), being a police officer anywhere is still a tough job. And although each municipality has their issues, our police department still does a pretty...