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Hoboken drain graffiti mystery paint pollution your fault 520x245 - Mystery Paint {for sewer drains}

Mystery Paint {for sewer drains}

Swaths of eyesore “sewer graffiti” in Hoboken Had to update this post again. You ever wonder why they’re doing this? Beyond what they want you to think as the reason why? (Hint: it has...

Hoboken Snow Fossils - Hoboken Photo of the Day

Hoboken Snow Fossils

After blizzard, Hoboken snow fossils temporarily appear [Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…] Most people say they love seeing “untouched” snowfall after storms like our recent blizzard. I certainly agree that...

Is Hoboken NJ too noisy 520x245 - Is Hoboken too noisy for you?

Is Hoboken too noisy for you?

Is noise in Hoboken acceptable for a city? Hoboken411 reader Ariel shares her thoughts about the amount of noise the mile-square city has. Do you agree or disagree? Crazy noise at all hours in...