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Hoboken Comedy Festival 2011 Maxwells and Clearview Cinemas 2 520x245 - Hoboken Comedy Festival 2011

Hoboken Comedy Festival 2011

2011 Hoboken Comedy Festival: Sept 30th – Oct 1st This weekend – Clearview Cinemas and Maxwell’s Bar will become transformed into comedy meccas! “The Hoboken Comedy Festival is a celebration of Hoboken, NJ’s entertainment...

Soul Joel Comedy Willie McBrides Hoboken NJ February 18 2011 520x245 - Soul Joel Comedy Night: February 18th

Soul Joel Comedy Night: February 18th

2/18/2011: Doctors Orders: You might need a laugh tonight The winter has been brutal and cold – and has left some people a bit stir crazy (and miffed that there’s so much garbage everywhere!)...