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Yeung II Chinese Kitchen  520x245 - Chinese Musical Checkers

Chinese Musical Checkers

2010 Update: This is now W. Kodak Jewelers. 12/2/2008 Update: Seems like Yeung II Chinese Kitchen, long time business landmark at 60 Newark Street – is vacating their spot. I suppose they’ve “merged” with...

istana sushi and wok 520x245 - Istana


6/19/2008 Food Update: For more than a week, I’ve been under the weather from what must be some rare 100-degree flu. I wear shorts all winter without an issue, and the first heat-wave of...

Front Page Chinese 520x245 - Yeung II Chinese / Japanese

Yeung II Chinese / Japanese

2010 Update: Formerly known as Tokugawa Complicated. Yeung II closed downtown – is now W. Kodak Jewelers. Yeung II apparently merged with (or has the same owners as) the old Tokugawa back in 2008...

H and S Giovannis pizza 520x245 - H & S Giovanni

H & S Giovanni

5/15/2007: Was milling around town and noticed for the first time that the sign on the side of the building doesn’t make any sense. Two signs mucked together. Did they think that by having...

fontanini pepperoni pizzacs 520x245 - What'd you eat on Christmas?

What’d you eat on Christmas?

Since my family originates from Northern Europe, we traditionally celebrate Christmas Day on Christmas Eve. I’ve never formally asked why, but I presume it’s because of the time differential. So on Sunday night we...

Simply Home Goods

Simply Home Goods

Small operation Description – “A place dedicated to bringing you the highest quality goods, baking the tastes and flavors of your own home. All of our items are made to order with our extra...

Uptown pizza 520x245 - Uptown Pizzeria

Uptown Pizzeria

Description – PizzeriaServices – Pizza, Sandwiches, Italian cuisine, Dinners… Free Delivery ($10 Min)Address – 54 14th St, Hoboken, NJ 07030Telephone – (201) 610-9955, Fax – (201) 610-9540

torna 520x245 - Torna's Pizzeria

Torna’s Pizzeria

teeny tiny pizza shop Description – Small Pizzeria take out – try the Sicilian.Services – Pizza, Sicilian Slice, Hero’s Hot & Cold Subs,Address – 252 9th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-2949Telephone...