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free cell phone charging station Hoboken NJ

Tech as important as food?

Forget if the pizza is good – feeding your phone has priority! You know that you’re going deeper into the technology vortex (in particular with mobile), when a business chooses to advertise that people...

Powerrocks Super MagicStick 2600 520x245 - Powerocks Magicstick Giveaway

Powerocks Magicstick Giveaway

Photo contest: Win a free Powerocks Magicstick! We recently shared some easy ways to have backup power for your cell phones in case of emergency. And my inspirational quote last week was “To be...

Acts of kindness in Hoboken NJ after hurricane sandy 520x245 - Hoboken kindness continues

Hoboken kindness continues

Some more Hoboken kindness on Sunday, November 4th 1:00pm: The Operation BBQ Relief we told you about yesterday at 14th & Washington continues. Amongst other things – they have over 1,300 pounds of slow-cooked...