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hate tesla electric cars let us choose our own fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency – your choice

Fuel efficiency should be your choice, no? The reason we follow (and share) the articles from Eric Peters – is because they make sense – and cut to the root of a majority of...

cheap drive

The Cheap Drive

Cars still RULE! {especially for cheap!} Forget bike lanes, ride-sharing, and UBER. Owning your own car is still the ultimate “freedom” these days. Go wherever you want whenever you want. And cars were in...

environmentalism and rabies electric cars 520x245 - Electric vs. Gas {cars}

Electric vs. Gas {cars}

The scoop on cars {electric or gas} What I cannot understand is – how any hard-core “environmentalist” who embraces (i.e., literally “loves”) electric cars. Because the information we’ll present below is not obscure, hard...