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Samantha Kluetfel and Jazmin Vergara receive scholarship in Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Students receive scholarships

Editor’s Note: Below is a nice story involving a couple local students. However, is it just me, or has the word/phrase “scholarship” changed over the years? I recall when I was young that “scholarship”...

Zimmer Hypocrisy on display at Hoboken Housing Authority Meeting May 9 2013

Zany Zimmer Hypocrisy at HHA

Stuiver ousted as Zany Zimmer Hypocrisy continues at HHA Ever since Dawn Zimmer backed into the position of Mayor here in Hoboken, the “shadow government” has been trying to take over and control every...

Jake Stuiver Stan Grossbard Eric Kurta Hoboken NJ

HHA Chariman Jake Stuiver on the Rocks?

‘Boken Housing Authority: Jake Stuiver pours Facebook “whine” Are you looking to take in a good show? Just head on over to a Hoboken Housing Authority meeting. Ever since Jake Stuiver became “Chairman,” the...