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A long-term carb story {and more}

A long-term carb story {a true carbohydrate perspective} We’ve been in the “low carb” mindset here at Hoboken411 for just about five years. Extensive reading (and re-reading), along with experimentation (and failure), and careful...

Vitamin Water Zero carbohydrates

New carb labeling needed

Carb labeling – phantom carbohydrates You ever look at those “zero calorie” sports drinks like Vitamin Water Zero, Sobe, etc.? They claim zero calories – yet still list some carbohydrates. 1 gram, 4 grams,...

HomeMade Pizza Co Bread Sticks and Cinnamon Rolls high carb body fat Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Carb war picks up intensity

Carb war picks up intensity

Doughy bread & carb onslaught continues in Hoboken, NJ As people become educated about the profound benefits of living a low carb life – large commercial entities are ramping up the marketing blitz in...