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West New York Car Wash 49th Palisades

Car wash in Hoboken?

What is your favorite car wash in Hoboken? Hoboken has a few car wash spots in town. Of course, we’re not fortunate enough to have one as depicted below – but which one is...

Hoboken weekend planner June 11 2010 520x245 - What's up this weekend in Hoboken?

What’s up this weekend in Hoboken?

*** Don’t forget – The World Cup in in full swing, with today’s match of The United States vs. England at 2:30pm. Who do you think will win? 6/11/2010: What to do, what to...

Hoboken High School Class of 2012 Car Wash June 12 2010 520x245 - Hoboken High School Car Wash

Hoboken High School Car Wash

6/9/2010: Fundraiser for HHS Class of 2012 Have a dirty car? Want to help support local students? Then swing by the Hoboken High School (8th & Clinton) this Saturday, June 12th from 9am to...