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Hoboken Kayaking CANCELED July 23 2011 due to raw sewage in Hudson River NJ 520x245 - Hoboken Kayaking Canceled - Raw Sewage!

Hoboken Kayaking Canceled – Raw Sewage!

Hoboken Kayaking canceled 7/23; Poopy situation to blame The Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse announces: “Unfortunately we have to announce that Public Kayaking program this Saturday, July 23rd, will be canceled due to a release...

city council special meeting canceled 520x245 - Breaking: Special Meeting Canceled!

Breaking: Special Meeting Canceled!

10/5/2009: Whoops! That special meeting you read about in today’s Breakfast Nuggets for Council President Dawn Zimmer to review the Director appointments of Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer has suddenly been canceled. Word of the...

hoboken crosstown bus doomed 520x245 - Crosstown Bus Canceled

Crosstown Bus Canceled

1/10/2009: Filed under: “What crosstown bus?” Mini Bus Shuttle Service Doomed Every single solitary person I know has never taken the Hoboken Crosstown Bus. To me, it seemed like a private van for a...

skanatra hoboken show canceled august 14 2008 520x245 - SKAnatra canceled tonight

SKAnatra canceled tonight

8/14/2008: Due to the questionable weather, tonight’s showing of SKAnatra is canceled, according to Geri Fallo, Coordinator of Cultural Affairs. The show is expected to be re-scheduled sometime in September.