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Hoboken tickets cars for parking on curbs that are too low 520x245 - Bogus curb tickets in Hoboken?

Bogus curb tickets in Hoboken?

Is parking on a Hoboken curb considered a sidewalk? NJ transportation statutes suggest that in general, curbs should be between 4-6 inches in height. And naturally, if you were parallel parking next to a...

Hoboken Windshield Twittering Dashboard Delivery Mr Wraps 520x245 - Windshield Tweet: Delivery Amnesty

Windshield Tweet: Delivery Amnesty

10/13/2010: [Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Windshield Twittering” series…] I am feeding people and will be right back! How do you feel about this type of Hoboken Windshield Tweet? It’s obvious there are countless food...

michael russo phony facebook page 520x245 - Bogus Michael Russo Facebook page?

Bogus Michael Russo Facebook page?

8/20/2009: Real or impostor? These days – unless you’re fully up to speed on most social networks – you’re never sure what “page” is legitimate or not… Take this Facebook account from what you...