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share the road in hoboken

Share the Road!

Share the Road signs fledgling in Hoboken After seeing these countless times, I’m no longer sure who these “share the road” signs were intended for anymore. Is it to remind drivers about the psycho...

Willow Ave Redesign in Hoboken NJ proposed

Willow Avenue redesign

Will Willow Avenue redesign benefit Hoboken? In the works is a “complete streets” project uptown. With the proposed Willow Avenue redesign, Hudson County (in cooperation with the city), wants to re-pave Willow Ave (good...

Force Fed bike lanes in Hoboken NJ

Bikes are a minority in Hoboken

Why does Hoboken pander to the biking minority? When you think about it – Hoboken is quite an “ancient” city built a very long time ago, before street widths were a serious concern and...