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keeping us safe what a crock

Keeping us safe

Keeping us safe {uh, really?} Recently, some schmucks posted in the social media cesspool sending “thanks” to the Hoboken police department for during the Fall Arts & Music Festival last weekend. Really? If true,...

Miovision Technologies Scout Video Collection Unit traffic data license plate recognition hoboken NJ

Scout Video Collection Traffic Monitoring

Scout video collection unit traffic monitoring installed in Hoboken In case you weren’t looking at your smartphone and “liking” endless baby and cat photos on your “social network,” you might have noticed these newly...

Hoboken parking muni meter robot in coma 520x245 - Muni-Meters a big liability?

Muni-Meters a big liability?

Hoboken parking robots cost a LOT of money; worth it? Switching from the coin-operated parking meters to the new “big brother” muni-robot meters certainly had it’s share of controversy and disgust. The city said...