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mason mail budget sm 520x245 - Mason Mailer

Mason Mailer

2/15/2009: Says Roberts is negligent Received this flier from Councilwoman Beth Mason in the mail this weekend. She cites the 4.2 million dollar blow Hoboken took recently because of the unauthorized early-retirement fiasco.

hoboken beth mason sm 520x245 - Mason leaves NJ FOG Presidency

Mason leaves NJ FOG Presidency

2/2/2009: Councilwoman Beth Mason is stepping down from her statewide leadership post at the New Jersey Foundation for Open Government. Following Hoboken411’s longstanding policy of publishing information from any council member who requests it,...

beth mason at a recent city council meeting 520x245 - Mason on Hoboken issues

Mason on Hoboken issues

1/23/2009: 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason sent Hoboken411 this message about recent events and progress in Hoboken: Council is taking Action; Mayor asked to follow lead “As we’ve been hearing all too often the...

hoboken councilwoman beth mason headshot 520x245 - Mason on Salary Cuts

Mason on Salary Cuts

12/19/2008: A this week’s council meeting, 2nd Ward councilwoman Beth Mason voted to table two competing resolutions to lower the salaries of the city council and Mayor. I didn’t pay much mind to it,...

1202 hudson fire fundraiser 520x245 - 1202 Hudson fire fundraiser

1202 Hudson fire fundraiser

10/12/2008: After the tragic 1202 Hudson fire at the beginning of October, Hobokenites have come together with multiple ways you can donate to help out. Here’s another message from 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason...

hoboken beth mason flier doria and roberts perfect together reduced 520x245 - Mason's latest fliers

Mason’s latest fliers

8/16/2008: Have any of you seen these latest fliers from 2nd Ward Councilman Beth Mason? I personally find them funny. At some point last week, someone accused me of making these! C’mon folks.. please...

hoboken nj state takeover finances city council 520x245 - Mason: Stop State Takeover!

Mason: Stop State Takeover!

8/11/2008: A press release from 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason: Council must assert itself to stop state takeover Citizens must come to August 13 meeting to protest “Dear Hoboken residents, Just about a month...