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7th Inning Stretch Hoboken NJ March 13 2010 Bryant Mason Pablo Schreiber and Tijuana Hicks in Striking Out the Babe by Charlie Peters photo by Jasmine Vogue Pai 520x245 - 8th Annual 7th Inning Stretch!

8th Annual 7th Inning Stretch!

3/11/2010 REMINDER: Don’t forget – this Saturday is “the most affordable and entertaining fundraiser of the year!” 2/23/2010: The annual show that many Hobokenite’s love is back again! Clear your calendars for Saturday March...

Hoboken Little League Field February 2010 520x245 - Hobokenpix: Play Ball!

Hobokenpix: Play Ball!

2/22/2010: [Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…] Hoboken Photo of the Day – 2/22/2010 Last week, a Hoboken resident wondered why the little league field was being plowed, when there were...

yankees phillies world series 2009 who will win 520x245 - Yankees are World Series Champs!

Yankees are World Series Champs!

11/4/2009: Yankees World Series Champs! It’s over! Congratulations to the New York Yankees in beating the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 6 tonight to win the 2009 World Series four games to two!

2009 mlb baseball playoffs 520x245 - Baseball Playoffs Set!

Baseball Playoffs Set!

10/7/2009 Update: Field of 8 vie for coveted trophy I knew something could have been possible when I said the Twins might surge! Amazing one-game playoff last night between Minnesota and the (FAIL) Detroit...

maria pepe the first female little league baseball player hoboken nj 520x245 - 1st female Little Leaguer was from Hoboken

1st female Little Leaguer was from Hoboken

8/24/2009: Hoboken411 reader Rob mentioned this very cool story about the first female Little League player 35 years ago! Interestingly – Current City Clerk Jimmy Farina was her coach! She changed the face of...

beth mason minor league baseball stadium work in hoboken 520x245 - North Hoboken Community Meeting

North Hoboken Community Meeting

8/19/2009 Reminder: Interested in seeing what some city officials are promoting for NW Hoboken? Well then head over to St. Matt’s Church tonight at 7pm! (8th and Hudson). 8/12/2009: Meeting to chat about NW...

hoboken411 week in review clearview cinemas october 520x245 - Hoboken Week in Review - 8/16/2009

Hoboken Week in Review – 8/16/2009

8/16/2009: We’re due for another breaking news story Like week-long Chinese water torture, big nuggets of news seep out of Hoboken every week or two recently… wonder what will be next? So what made...