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old bar none will be room 84 hoboken nj 520x245 - Room 84 - Now Open!

Room 84 – Now Open!

11/24/2009 Update: Room 84 open for business in Hoboken The former “Bar None” at 84 Washington Street has completed it’s transformation into the newest Hoboken night club & lounge “Room 84.” With it’s opening...

bar none knife stabbing hoboken 520x245 - Knife brandished at Bar None

Knife brandished at Bar None

2/9/2009: Big action involving a cop who chased down a man with a knife at Bar None. The chase went south down Washington, then west on Observer. They apprehended the man at Observer and...

brawl at bar none 520x245 - Brawl at Bar None

Brawl at Bar None

11/8/2008 Update: Hoboken411 reader Plaintruthiness sent in couple pics of the “way too many cop cars for a girl fight” that gathered in front of Bar None last night and said “I think the...