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Peculiar Hoboken Rubbish

Peculiar Hoboken Rubbish

11/16/2010: Odd Hoboken Garbage: City Morgue Bag! Several Hoboken411 readers tipped me off about this odd piece of garbage laying on the corner of 11th and Hudson for just under an hour late the...

hypodermic needle on Hoboken NJ streets not safe for pets or kids 520x245 - Dangerous Hoboken Street Objects

Dangerous Hoboken Street Objects

7/26/2010: Nasty refuse on Hoboken streets a danger to pets, kids Hoboken resident Jared recently became a dog owner – and has been more “in tune” with what lies on our streets and sidewalks....

suspicious bag sinatra park hoboken nov 2007 520x245 - Hoboken PD stand up comedy

Hoboken PD stand up comedy

11/29/2007: In lighter news, the Hoboken Police Department certainly has a fun sense of humor. I’m sure in makes the day easier for them. This afternoon, a concerned resident called PD about a “suspicious...