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Baby Bottle Washer Kickstarter

Hudson County Baby Kickstarter

Local mom attempts baby kickstarter project Hudson County resident (and mom) Michelle Ngo (who also works at Bangz Salon in Hoboken) has an invention she’d like to pitch. It’s a baby bottle watcher, and...

Wee Babe store Hoboken NJ Beau Selina owners

Wee Babe

Wee Babe opens in Hoboken, NJ – June 2013 Wee Babe is now open in Hoboken – and already insanely popular with families. Wee Babe comes to 415 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ 5/10/2013:...

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Baby Bargain Mondays!

2/14/2011: Baby needs are a constant struggle! Keeping up with all the items your children need as they grow up is no easy task. And many Hoboken Moms I know are always looking for...