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Vs Barbershop in Hoboken NJ gets new sign

Massive Sign Delivery

V’s Barbershop close to opening in Hoboken Most people in Hoboken don’t get see many of the “changes” that take place during the day (because they’re either at work, glued to their “smart” phones...

uptown hoboken looking rather dumpy

Dumpy areas upgraded in Hoboken

3/16/2011: 14th Street Retail – visual improvements Back in 2008 – I posted a story about “Dumpy areas in Hoboken,” which spoke about 14th St. & Bloomfield – and how it looked somewhat “ghetto-like.”...

hoboken scaffolding awning

Odd awning relocation

10/6/2009: There’s always a first Just thought this visual on Washington Street between 12th and 13th Streets was funny & odd. I don’t ever recall businesses temporarily re-locating their awnings to the facade of...