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What next at the Avenue Bar Bistro Hoboken NJ 4 520x245 - Grimaldis Pizza @ 411 Washington St.

Grimaldis Pizza @ 411 Washington St.

Grimaldi’s Pizza – Hoboken, NJ – 411 Washington St. Hoboken411 reader Cheetoh sent in this pic of the progress of the new Grimaldi’s Pizza location at 411 Washington Street! Grimaldi’s to open Italian Restaurant...

avenue bistro and bar doomed in hoboken nj 520x245 - Avenue Bistro & Bar

Avenue Bistro & Bar

7/10/2009 Update: Seems like Avenue Bar is doomed. It’s a shame hardly anyone went there, especially considering all the work they did renovating it. 2/11/2008: Corrected the phone number, and added link to their...

republican watch party hoboken avenue bar 520x245 - McCain Watch party at Avenue Bar

McCain Watch party at Avenue Bar

8/30/2008: Just like the Democrats had their Obama Watch Party over at Willie McBride’s last week, here’s some information about how you can gather with some Republicans this week. NFL Season Opener + Republican...