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hoboken autumn halloween theme 520x245 - Hobokenpix: Pumpkins

Hobokenpix: Pumpkins

10/21/2008: [Hoboken411 takes tens of thousands of pictures – but most never make it on the site. What a waste! As a new feature – each and every day at 5pm – a new...

Summer is officially over

Summer is officially over

9/22/2008: As of 11:44am – it is now officially Fall! I happen to enjoy the Fall, the cooler weather, brisk winds, changing color of the leaves, the fact that winter is next (a nice...

hoboken autumn view out pier a red tree 520x245 - Autumn in Hoboken

Autumn in Hoboken

Enjoy it while it lasts! Soon we’ll be bitching about the snow and slush. Yesterday was an odd day. Very cloudy with rain imminent (today); yet it was unseasonably warm. 411 spent all day...