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Hoboken Easter Egg Hunt at Mama Johnson Field April 16 2011 520x245 - HHA Hoboken Easter Egg Hunt 2011

HHA Hoboken Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Hoboken’s 10,000-Egg Hunt a success With Easter on the horizon, the Hoboken Housing Authority and Hoboken Grace Community Church joined forces on April 16 to bring joy to city children with a much-anticipated Easter...

Hoboken Easter Egg Hunt Maxwell Place April 16 2011 520x245 - Easter Egg Hunt at Maxwell Place

Easter Egg Hunt at Maxwell Place

Hoboken kids accumulate eggs in plain sight Back when I was a kid, Easter Egg “Hunts” required a little investigative skill. You’d have to look in bushes, up in trees, behind rocks, etc. It...

New 45 Sublime Tribute Willie Mcbrides Hoboken NJ January 29 520x245 - Sublime tribute band at McBride's

Sublime tribute band at McBride’s

4/15/2010: If you digged the sounds of Sublime – then I’m sure you’d enjoy this particular show coming up this month at Willie McBride’s (616 Grand Street) on Friday, January 29th. Yes! New .45...