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The Basketball Tournament Hoboken NJ East Coast Hustle

The Basketball Tournament {represent!}

Hoboken represented in The Basketball Tournament Many of you know who Andrew Impastato is. He’s run the wildly popular Next Basket Wins basketball camp / clinic for years, and recently became “AKA” The Parking...

Hoboken Podcast Parking Dude App

Parking Dude App {behind the scenes}

Hoboken Parking Dude talks about App (and quality of life) Andrew Impastato, the creator of the Parking Dude App sat down with Hoboken411 and Hoboken Internet Radio after the blizzard. Listen to the Hoboken...

Hoboken Fall Basketball League 2011 520x245 - Hoboken Fall Basketball League

Hoboken Fall Basketball League

Hoboken Fall Basketball League at Multi-Service Center Good news, hoops fans! The inaugural Hoboken Adult Basketball League starts next week! Hoboken resident Andrew Impastato, who organized the Adult Basketball League at Church Square Park,...