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American Flag Balloon Hoboken NJ 2015 Independence Day 520x245 - Giant American Flag

Giant American Flag

Celebrating independence (and capitalism) with Largest free-flying American Flag in Hoboken Did you get a chance to see the largest free-flying American flag yesterday? A whopping five stories tall! They flew it up at...

American Flag on US Route 78 Overpass 520x245 - American Flags on Highways

American Flags on Highways

Do American flags on highway overpasses offend anyone? If you get out and ever drive on highways around New Jersey – you’ll surely notice a LOT of U.S. Flags attached to overpasses. Like the...

Patriotic Flower Bed Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Where is this Patriotic Garden?

Where is this Patriotic Garden?

[Continuing the original Hoboken411 photo series: Where is this?…] Still some Patriots left in Hoboken, NJ! Can you guess or remember where you saw this Patriotic space in town?

Tattered American Flag on Sinatra Drive in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - No respect for American Flag!

No respect for American Flag!

Worn, tattered U.S. flag on Sinatra Drive should be replaced Have you noticed the ripped and worn American Flag at 3rd and Sinatra Drive? What a sad display of “patriotism” for our country. According...

Peter Cammarano loves the United States Flag in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Hobokenpix: Cammarano still Patriotic!

Hobokenpix: Cammarano still Patriotic!

12/30/2009: [Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…] Hoboken Photo of the Day – 12/30/2009 Was walking by former Mayor Peter Cammarano’s house the other day – and noticed that he was...

US Flag vandalized at FD Museum

US Flag vandalized at FD Museum

10/30/2007: Now (6:42pm), the HFD and HPD are investigating a white Chrysler vehicle (with disabled plates) and 4 “young teenagers” in it (one suspected of “rolling a cigarette”) that are suspected to have something...