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hoboken rent control lawyer advertisements 520x245 - Obnoxious advertising stickers

Obnoxious advertising stickers

6/5/2009: Putting posters on telephone poles is one thing that can possibly irritate some Hoboken residents – but now street-marketers are getting crafty and attaching hard to remove stickers on poles, telephone booths and...

campaign literature overload in hoboken nj 520x245 - Reader Mail: Campaign Junk!

Reader Mail: Campaign Junk!

5/28/2009: Hoboken411 reader Patrick – is annoyed by the campaign literature being sent out – and wonders how to make it stop. “Do Not Mail” list – is there such a thing? “Really like...

funeral parlor advertises on nail files 520x245 - Readerpix: More odd advertising

Readerpix: More odd advertising

2/2/2009: Back in December, a post was published about the worst Holiday gift ever (a funeral parlor calendar) – and Hoboken411 reader Brooklyn Bridget thought of that at a recent funeral. Hoboken411 reader photo...

Hoboken gets “zapped!”

Hoboken gets “zapped!”

1/24/2009: Pummeled with “greasy” debris! Any of you that woke up this morning to go on your morning jog or coffee run must have noticed the plethora of “Zap Lube and Car Wash” fliers...

moving signs are now business cards in hoboken 1 520x245 - Moving sign guys get creative

Moving sign guys get creative

1/17/2009: Now your home is peppered with cards! If you were determined enough to brave the cold weather outside today, you might have noticed what the moving sign guys have been up to recently....

we hate kohls in hoboken 520x245 - Stoop ad blitz

Stoop ad blitz

3/28/2008: As an advertising medium myself, I can relate to sponsor-supported venues, even the Hoboken Reporter. Because the product is free, you tend to accept the paid promotionals as par for the course. How...

411 billboard graphic 520x245 - Limited time holiday ad spot

Limited time holiday ad spot

2008: Most local readers = best advertising choice Hey, Hoboken411 isn’t your only option in Hoboken – but it is your BEST option. Wasting money on other hardly-read venues – regardless of how “fancy”...



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