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Similar architecture Hoboken NJ to Dublin Ireland

Inspirational Architecture?

900 Monroe building design coincidence? Just like the “creators” in any industry like clothing, automobiles, and even music – Architects surely found their “inspiration” from somewhere as they fine-tuned their design skills. You most...

900 monroe hoboken july 2007 3 520x245 - 900 Monroe

900 Monroe

Another Real Estate development update today. Just wanted to pop up a picture of the 900 Monroe lot, which has been methodically demolished this year. Here’s a blurb from Hobokenparks.org about this site from...

900 Monroe

900 Monroe

Here’s a little tidbit about the abandoned warehouse at 900 monroe that received Zoning Board approval for the first high-rise in the Northwest area of the city. Right near the homeless “Shanty Town” village,...