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What are you doing about election voting and fraud? Do you believe what they tell you?

2016 election map and sanctuary cities

Liberal Hoboken

Liberal Hoboken Hoboken was certainly in the top 10 most HillaryCriminalVoter demographics this past November, right? So where does that leave us? But the better question is – how does Hoboken feel? Happy? Or...

ignore milo


More on “Milo” You ever wonder why those on the extreme left and extreme right hate this “Milo” character currently enjoying the notorious spotlight in our mostly fake world? Well – here’s a perspective...


10% golfing

8 years of life = 10% golfing… Trump has barely been in office two weeks – and the “progressive” minds out there are NITPICKING beyond belief. Pretty much refusing to see the kick-ass strength...

trump chaos media headlines

MSM headlines {chaos}

Why we hate the MSM {look at the headlines in “chaos”} They’re obviously in collusion with one another – and have been directed to use the same words in order to shape public perception....

The tide is turning america embraces trump

The tide will turn

You read that right: The tide WILL turn! As we mentioned last week – while over 70% of Hoboken voters who turned out during the past Presidential election voted for “her,” we feel the...